Day 7 – Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath

Yesterday was long day. We caught our bus a short walk away from the flat at 7:20. From there we headed to Victoria terminal where most of the tour busses seemed to load up.

I was quite disappointed to learn that our original tour had been cancelled. We were supposed to go to Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford. We were told that not enough people had signed up for that tour and they offered to rebook us on a tour that was the same except we’d visit Bath instead of Oxford. I am still not happy about that but enjoyed Bath. We also managed a free lunch out of the deal for our troubles.

At about 8:30 we started off towards Windsor. I’d been to Windsor years ago when I was in London on a business trip but it was in 1993. That was a year after they’d had the fire in the castle and we only saw one or two anterooms. It has been restored and is quite magnificent.

Cameras are not allowed inside the castle proper, but the grounds were beautiful.

From Windsor we set out towards Stonehenge. We stopped at The Bell Inn along the way in Andover and had lunch. We had Fish and Chips, a veggie Lasagna (that Kate say’s she wouldn’t order again) and Roast Pork. It was so so, across the board.

Not impressed but sated nonetheless, it was time for the henge. You can see it from quite a ways as you approach as it is in an open area at the top of a series of chalk ridges that run through the Salisbury plain. It is certainly iconic and over photographed. However it certainly captures your imagination. It was overcast, windy and cold and I think the pictures have that kind of mood.

We boarded the coach again and headed towards Bath. Most of the spas in the complex were built in the first century by the Romans. They aren’t in use anymore but have been undergoing restoration through the years to try to show how they looked 1900 years ago.

I almost always avoid tours and tour guides but I am glad we used one this time. His command of local history was good and we learned quite a lot.

It was a long drive back into the city. We arrived back about 8:30, had dinner and crashed about 11:00.

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