Day 6 – St. Paul’s, Borough Market, Tate Modern

We set off on this rainy morning to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral.

It was designed by Christopher Wren in 1675. We enjoyed the grounds and took turns taking pictures and holding the umbrella above the camera’s. It wasn’t great shooting weather but we enjoyed the cathedral.

The front portico was packed with umbrellas. Everyone was looking for a dry place.

We then boarded a #17 red double decker city bus and ventured off to the Borough Market. Our route took us over the London Bridge (more in a second) to the station on the other side. We had a nice view of the Tower Bridge up river. It was fun sitting up top and looking at the sights but we did complain the there weren’t any wipers on the upper windscreen. Of course this is the replacement London Bridge. The more familiar one is in Lake Havasu Arizona. It was sold to Robert McCulloch (of McCulloch Oil) in 1968. Go figure.

Insider advice (thanks Paul) told us to head to the Borough Market, have lunch and pick out fixings for dinner. We enjoyed a great walking lunch. I had a light sandwich, Kate a local burger. Mary and Bryan had Caribbean curry from this vendor.

I enjoyed perusing the vast array of choices. Fresh fish, beautiful veggies, aromatic cheeses and amazing local sausages (including the wild boar).

We spent the afternoon touring the Tate Modern. Some of it i thought was great (Matisse, Monet, et. al.) and other parts (Francis Bacon) I struggled with. It was quite a collection and spanned quite a few genre’s. To be fair, we’ve spent the last hour reviewing it all so it had an impact. I don’t know why I like the Mondrian, but I do.

From the Tate, we headed back along the Thames to the market to pick up dinner materials. Fortunately the rain had stopped.

On the way back we passed underneath the Southwark Bridge. I think that it looks better from underneath.

We had wild boar meat stuffed tortelloni drizzled with EVOO and pepper, and spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli with pesto sauce. We also bought some fine cheeses, bread and sausage for munchies. Everything was great. Mmmm.

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  1. Paul says:

    I’m glad you guys are having a great time and enjoying some of my suggestions. The Bourough Market rocks. I bet Kate’s burger was from the place Libby loves… I should had suggested her favorite choice: pork and stilton.

    Re: Mondrian — I think you liked his work because 1) it’s visually actually remarkably well balanced, 2) it’s speaks to a the utopian vision de stjil and 3) because Mondrian simply rocks! But, I’m a hard-edge, non-figurative kind of guy. 😉

  2. Feik says:

    Pretty straight forward. I would go to and look at some of their tutorials and examples.

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