Day 5 – Mews, The West End, Porters, Covent Garden

We are staying in a VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) in the Notting Hill area. I am hooked on this. Short of staying in your own place or that of a friend it seems hard to beat. We have a three bedroom flat with a kitchen, 2 1/2 baths and laundry for less that most single hotel rooms. It is definitely the way to go.

Right off of our street there is a sign that says Linden Mews and Garden Mews. Mews…what is that? I had no idea. From Wikipedia:
Mews is a chiefly British term formerly describing a row of stables, usually with carriage houses below and living quarters above, built around a paved yard or court, or along a street, behind large city houses, such as those of London, during the 17th and 18th centuries. From 1377 onwards the king’s falconry birds were kept in the King’s Mews at Charing Cross. The name remained when it became the royal stables starting in 1537.
I just think they are quaint.

Today was Bryan’s birthday and we celebrated by attending Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. It was a great performance. Quite an enthusiastic crowd reacted to amazing performances by Galinda and Elphaba. I liked it better than in Chicago.
Galinda: “I don’t understand why you can’t just teach us history instead of always harping on the past.”

After the show we had traditional English fare at Porter’s English Restaurant. Three pies (two steak, Guinness and mushroom, one chicken, mushroom and leeks), a lamb shank, a couple of porters, an ale, some zinfandel; a good time was had by all.

One the way to the tube stop, we walked through some Covent Garden courts which were still quite busy. I love the open plazas with the tents, and all of the action. It must be nice not to have to worry about mosquitos.

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  1. kathleen kuhn says:

    I love the VRBO you guys stayed in. Do you recall the number ? Many Thanks, Kathleen Kuhn

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