Day 3 – Greenwich, Tower Bridge, Tower of London

There are so many cool places to visit. My initial fear was that we’d run of of things to do in just one city (we are taking one or two short day trips outside the city but I digress).

It is still early but our list of remaining things to do, and places to go, is quite long. On our third day we booked a trip on the City Tours Thames cruise. While they don’t have professional tour guides, they did a great job. Good enough to get a lot of tips.

We started at Westminster Pier (right across from the London Eye – the ride in the background) and caught the first boat out in the morning. We traveled north and east up the Thames.

There were some excellent views of the Palace of Westminster. It is quite stunning from the water.

Our destination was Greenwich. Initially because it was the end of the line for the cruise, but in retrospect it is a must see and home to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Long before the ball dropped on Time Square to signal the new year, this red ball dropped every day at 12:00 GMT (except during daylight savings time – 1:00 GMT).

This photo was inspired by a colleague at work (John Decker) whose family visited the same spot. This line is at 0º 0′ 0″ – the prime meridian.

I also couldn’t resist this unique sundial. the white line in between the shadows of the dolphin fins notes the time. I took this at 12:00 (the twelve is barely visible).

On the way back, we disembarked at the Tower Bridge. It is in the final stages of restoration and repainting. Quite stunning.

I had to get a shot of Mary and Bryan with the backdrop of the Tower Bridge.

The Tower of London is not what I expected. It seems like a misnomer. I suppose in 1078 when the White Tower was erected, it really did stand out. Today it is a bit of a challenge to get a shot of it with out it being dwarfed by numerous other much larger towers nearby. Still quite an interesting place.

We took the tube back and got off at Kensington High Street. It is a very nice area and home to the largest Whole Foods Store, 90,000 sq. ft. (go figure) where we picked up fixings for dinner. We walked back to our flat via Kensington Church Street and happened upon the same pub we had dinner the night before. The restaurant looked inviting in the evening, but at 5:00 it was stunning.

Today will be more roaming about. Lots more to explore.

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  1. Smerz says:

    Blew my knew on that Thames river bridge. Thanks for the memories. Looks like the weather is pretty decent.

    Have a great trip!

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