Day 2 – The Tube, Westminster Palace, Buckingham Palace, Hard Rock

Ok so I am running a bit behind (since we are finishing up on day three as I write – but we’ve been busy).

We started the day by buying our Oyster cards and setting out on the tube.

Although it is trite and over done, we just couldn’t resist doing the red phone booth bit. I kept hoping for the British equivalent of Bill and Ted. These were near Trafalgar Square, home to Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery.

We stopped at the National Gallery and had a great afternoon taking in some of our favorites, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Monet, and Van Gogh. There were quite a number of excellent examples of each. There were certainly, many, many more, but these were the ones that attracted us.

From there we headed down Whitehall, past #10 Downing St. towards Westminster Palace. We arrived at 12:00 and were treated to the full bell tower treatment from both Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. It was awesome.

Here is Richard the Lion Hearted protecting the court.

I really liked this shot from the Victoria Tower Gardens.

As we roamed around the back side of the Abbey to get back, we happened on to this bit of pomp and circumstance. We saw Charles and Camilla right after a Royal Navy flyover. It turns out that it was the 70th anniversary “flypast” commemorating the Battle of Britain. Quite cool.

We kept walking down Birdcage Walk along St. James Park until we hit Buckingham Palace. We saw the guards (who weren’t “changing” that day), took in some of the gardens, but we were getting hungry.

Next stop: the official current resting place for the guitars of Townsend and Clapton.

We enjoyed a nice lunch, visited Piccadilly Circus, walked along Regent Street, came home and settled back.

We ended the second day (after some of us napped) with a nice Thai dinner at the Churchill Arms. It was great, right nearby and really hit the spot.

Tomorrow (it actually happened today, but I’ll post tomorrow) we are off on a Thames cruise to Greenwich. Very cool day.

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