Day 1 – Notting Hill, Hyde Park

We arrived Saturday afternoon and the trip was relatively uneventful. After arriving in Notting Hill and getting situated we took off to explore the local area.

We wandered aroud Notting Hill for a while, found a nice little restaurant where we sampled five appetizers at the All-in-One bar. They were great. We also tried Innis Gunn – a Scottish beer that we loved. It is aged in used oak barrels from Kentucky (from Jack Daniels and others). We have to find that one back home.

We were headed to Hyde Park, but turned early and walked down Kensington Palace Gardens. This is Embassy Row. Unfortunately, cameras were a no-no. From the looks of it governments are cutting embassy budgets.

From there we entered the gardens and took the space in. It was a beautiful area to relax and take in a nice walk. It was good to see it as used as it was.

We then went over to the Round Pond. It was a font of activity. Lots of geese, ducks, swans and others. Talk about tame, you would think that someone feeds them.

I think that they are all trying out for a part in the Royal Theatre, they are certainly posing.

We walked over to the fountains that head the Serpentine, explored for a bit and exited at the Lancaster Gate. It wasn’t a bad walk back to Notting Hill and since a part of the objective was to stay awake, the outside air and exercise was a good thing.

Even the local gardens were awash with great fall colors.

We lasted until 9:00ish and crashed.

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