Sandia Tram

On our last evening, we ventured to the Sandia Tram, had a ride up, dinner and a the ride down.

Here are a couple of shots from the top.

It was a little hazy but not too bad. We are at about 10,000ft.

The base was 80 degrees, the summit was 45. I don’t mind it when it gets a little chilly…

The trip down was nearing sunset. It made for very warm colors, and lots of defining shadows.

Sometimes nature frames photos better than we ever could.

And Mary got some great images with the Point and Shoot. She has the eye, that is for sure (I am glad she doesn’t like lugging heavy cameras).

3 Responses to “Sandia Tram”

  1. smerz says:

    your pictures are really great. of course yours is bigger than mine . . . Your camera that is. 😉

  2. your daughter says:

    Pretty… do you have more?

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