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May 2010

Sandia Tram

On our last evening, we ventured to the Sandia Tram, had a ride up, dinner and a the ride down. Here are a couple of shots from the top. It was a little hazy but not too bad. We are at about 10,000ft. The base was 80 degrees, the summit was 45. I don’t mind […]

Bosque del Apache – 2

Another Egret, this time eating. I am not sure what the critter is eating but my appetite is not stimulated. This is a Turkey Vulture. Speaking of lack of appetite, this guy isn’t helping. This is a Double-crested Cormorant. Quite interesting, but talk about a Stoic. He barely moved.

Bosque del Apache – 1

Well it certainly wasn’t prime time in the Bosque. I did not see any Sandhills, Swans, or the other typical migratory fowl. However I was expecting that. My day excursion to the Bosque (and the Roadway Inn…eww) was a convenient day trip. I also wanted to check it out prior to a prime time visit. […]

Madrid and Hwy 14

Our time in Santa Fe at an end, we decided to take Hwy. 14 (aka the Turquoise trail) to Albuquerque. Along the way we spotted a wanna be park. Lots of interesting statues and sculptures. In the end it was this gate that caught my attention. It was in the middle of nowhere (a bit […]

The Road to Santa Fe

On the road back to Santa Fe (from our visit in Taos) we spotted this cool junkyard.There was only one real subject (at least outside the fence – and I wasn’t willing to go inside the fence – with the dogs). The colors on the truck were fantastic. Really fantastic. I am not sure that […]

Taos – Pueblo

After the drive, we ate lunch in downtown Taos and toured the square. Nothing really caught my eye. It was quaint, but I thought that the square in Santa Fe was better. We left and headed towards the Taos Pueblo. After you enter the pueblo this set of homes is just west of the cemetery. […]

Taos – Rio Grande

Our first trip to Taos. The route wound along the Rio Grande. The terrain became rugged quickly as we left Santa Fe. Early on near Santa Fe, the river was close at hand and slow moving. Up near Taos, the river cut a mighty gorge. It was (is) beautiful. This is looking north. It was […]

Textures and Colors

Post number two. The colors and textures are so cool, I couldn’t help my self. I just loved the colors… I don’t think that this bike will go very fast, but I am sure that you’ll get lots of looks. Moonrise Over Wagon Seat. Not quite Ansel’s Moonrise Over Hernandez but oh well. Springtime brings […]

The Doors of Santa Fe County

With homage to Robert James Waller’s character – Robert Kincaid. We’ve been exploring the 400 year old Plaza, sampling wonderful food and the quaint architecture. Later today, we’re going to Canyon Road. The local art is amazing. I’ve also been wandering the neighborhoods, taking pictures and exploring. This is the first of two posts today. […]

Backyard Captures

We had a feeding frenzy this weekend. I think the birds reveled in the sunshine and warm weather just like we did. I caught this daddy Grosbeak waiting for his turn on the feeders. This finch was also patient, but he decided that right on top was the best place to make sure that no […]