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The Bosque (day two – the PM)

8,000 Cranes and a Monkey Saturday afternoon was beautiful at the Bosque. The light was fantastic, the birds were everywhere and a friend from Fred Miranda (Will aka Trenchmonkey) joined us. What a country! I loved the dancing cranes! What amazing light! This guy seemed interested in announcing his arrival. Even Trenchmonkey who has been […]

Dancing Cranes B&B and San Antonio, NM

When I first booked our trip to the Bosque, I reserved a room in Socorro (15 miles away). I stayed in Socorro last year on my Bosque scouting mission. After looking around for other options, it was suggested that I call the Dancing Cranes Guest House and Gallery. I talked to Jim and he told […]

Mary with the Mark II at o’dark thirty

John decided I should try my hand at bird photography on our trip to the Bosque del Apache. Talk about baptism by fire! He set me up with a tripod, his Canon 5DII and a 70-200mm zoom lens (and then the 300mm) and turned me loose. Luckily, the fancy equipment does all the heavy lifting. […]

The Bosque (day two – the AM)

We arose at o’dark thirty Saturday AM and drove down the the Bosque (15 minutes). We arrived before sunrise and were joined by a few other hardened photographers. The first light was almost pink. Many of the cranes were still asleep with their heads buried under their wings. As it started to lighten up, the […]

Destination Photography – Bosque del Apache

We are well aware of (and practice frequently) destination dining and destination golf. This weekend we are experiencing destination photography. Not that I don’t always take the camera with me, and not that the photographic appeal of a location doesn’t affect my interest in traveling there, but this is the first time (day trips notwithstanding) […]

Day 10 – Last day (1/2 day) in London

Monday was our last morning in London. We successfully finished off most of the breakfast food that we bought at the local market for the week, and the coffee was used up. It was packing time so Kate and I visited the neighborhood coffee and pastry shop – Paul Rhodes. I wish there was one […]

Day 9 – Abbey Road, Hyde Park

Fortunately they indulged me. Our Oyster card expired on Saturday so I pulled out the bus maps and plotted a course for Abbey Road. According to the map we were to take the #31 to Belsize road. We did. Not bad £2 each. We walked from Belsize to Abbey road (it turns out there was […]

Day 8 – Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Mind the Gap

Yesterday was our planned trip to Portobello Road. Before we were assembled, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. I found this cottage nestled in amongst the row houses. The lighting was challenging, so I decided to have some fun with the image. This was three images processed using HDR (high dynamic range). […]

Day 7 – Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath

Yesterday was long day. We caught our bus a short walk away from the flat at 7:20. From there we headed to Victoria terminal where most of the tour busses seemed to load up. I was quite disappointed to learn that our original tour had been cancelled. We were supposed to go to Windsor, Stonehenge […]

Day 6 – St. Paul’s, Borough Market, Tate Modern

We set off on this rainy morning to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was designed by Christopher Wren in 1675. We enjoyed the grounds and took turns taking pictures and holding the umbrella above the camera’s. It wasn’t great shooting weather but we enjoyed the cathedral. The front portico was packed with umbrellas. Everyone was […]