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Lake Elmo

Melanerpes Carolinus

In the midst of the Vikings thumping of the Giants, I noticed this guy show up. I thought it was a Hairy, put it appears to be a Red-Bellied Woodpecker. If so then he is at the edge of their normal habitat. It was about 5 degrees when I popped this. He was filling up […]

Winter Wonderland!

On the last day of the year, it is a bright and sunny December 31st. We’ve certainly had our fair share of snow this year, but I always like the way it leaves a fresh clean coat on everything. I’ve been working hard trying to capture winter birds. Our feeders seem to really attract the […]

Passing through

It is mid-late November and the Canadian Geese have been stopping in on their way south. Each week there are a hundred or so that pass through. I have been working hard to get some good shots. I’ve tried stalking around the lake, wading and even drifting across the lake in the Canoe. They really […]

A Nice Day Out

October 18th was a beautiful fall day. It has been so rainy that it has been hard to get outside and shoot. It has also made the colors a lot less vibrant than years past. When Saturday turned out to be a nice day, I decided it was time to add an early fall picture […]


I’ve been working hard to capture a nice shots of these beautiful birds. Here are a few… This one was right down near our beach early one morning. They really spook easily when you walk up to to say hello. Even when you walk, really really, slowly. Venturing out in a canoe and drifting over […]

Panorama Part 2

I was really hoping for a shot with a fresh snowfall. This is a place filler which I may replace with what I am really hoping for. The list of requirements is growing; fresh snow (with the powdered sugar look on the trees), blue sky, and above zero temperature (for me!). We’ll see…

Attack of the Nutcrackers

Every year there are more! Be afraid, be very afraid. Run away!!!

Panorama of Downs Lake

This was fun. A nine image panorama. I wis I would have done it a couple of weeks earlier when the leaves were still on the trees. It is the start of a seasonal set of panoramas. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Lakeside Garden

It has been a very cold, wet spring. While it has restricted how much golf we’ve been able to play, it certainly has made the garden as lush as it has ever been. Several varieties of Hosta, lush Ferns (which seem to grow as well outside the garden as in it), Astilbe, and massive Bleeding […]