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Lake Elmo

Lake Elmo Hooded Mergansers

It warmed up this week, finally! The ice went out on a couple of nearby ponds and the migrators came out of the woodwork. These were among the first waterfowl I saw. These Hooded Mergansers were amazing to watch. They clung close together, spent most of their time diving and looking for food. It is […]


I have been pursuing this guy for a couple of years now. Like many of his ilk, he doesn’t like company too much. He’s often on the suet feeders in the back yard but hard to catch. This morning I went outside to fill the feeders and I thought I heard hammering. I wondered who […]

More Backyard Birds

This October has been active in the backyard. Spectacular weather created wonderful colors. The lake has been busy with lots of migrations. I had fun practicing capturing birds-in-flight, getting ready for our trip to the Bosque Del Apache. Here are a couple of Mallards, common in Minnesota but harder to catch than one thinks. The […]

Moon Over Lake Elmo

Last Friday the conditions were perfect. Clear skies, an open deck, and an unobstructed view. Getting the exposure right was a little trickier than I originally thought. In the end, a sturdy tripod, mirror lock and a cable release allowed me to get a nice shot of the full moon.


It was a bit overcast this afternoon (actually all weekend). I decided that it was time for a spin in the Kayak. Overcast is good sometimes. In this case it means that the whites in Egret pictures are less likely to get blown out. They were busy fishing this afternoon. Step one, go to where […]

Backyard Captures

We had a feeding frenzy this weekend. I think the birds reveled in the sunshine and warm weather just like we did. I caught this daddy Grosbeak waiting for his turn on the feeders. This finch was also patient, but he decided that right on top was the best place to make sure that no […]

Great Blue Herons

It was a beautiful sunny day in Lake Elmo. I spotted this guy from the deck, and grabbed this shot. As he wandered off, I grabbed my camera and headed for the Kayak to pursue him. I am glad I did. I got a couple of nice shots. I think he decided that preening was […]

Spring is here. 75 degrees!

I love this time of year. New flowers pop out of the ground every week. Here are a couple of fun shots of the Spring Croci that have just emerged.


The new kayak arrived. I have been anticipating spring for too long. Yesterday it arrived. This afternoon, I took it out for a maiden voyage. Here are a couple of shots. The Kayak with the tripod and the rig. I’ve got the rock, get in line behind me. Why do I feel so alone? You’re […]

Spring in Lake Elmo

It ended up being a very nice weekend. It got up to 50 today (not as good as the gorgeous 65 on Friday but quite nice. The birds are returning. This nice Blue Jay was checking things out. I have also been watching (and listening to a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk. This afternoon I spotted […]