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Lake Elmo

And now from The IVY

We’ve moved from our Lake Elmo home of 23+ years to a condo in downtown Minneapolis. We are loving it. Expect more about that later. In the meantime, here is a sunrise from Lake Elmo and a contrasting shot from the IVY. Quite a change of scenery.

Barred Owls in the Backyard

Some nice Barred Owl action right out the kitchen window. I could not believe how close this guy let me get. There are a couple of voles in the back yard that he seemed quite focussed on. Not sure if he ever got them. I feel asleep too.

Feeding time for the Red-tailed Hawk

Spring is arriving early in Lake Elmo. The critters (rodents) emerged from their winter hideouts and that seems to have attracted their predators sooner than normal. This is half of our local nesting pair. They were both on this branch, but by the time I returned with the camera, only one remained. They are quite […]

Moon over Lake Elmo

Two weeks ago we spotted the full moon shimmering across the snowless ice of Downs Lake. It was one of those, “quick – go grab the camera” moments.

The Eagle Landed

November was slow. I even resorted to posting one of last years Sandies from our trip to the Bosque. Today, driving along the Lake Elmo, Mary spotted our local pair of Bald Eagles. We were only a couple of miles from home so I was able to gear up and catch a couple of nice […]


Still getting the hang of the new body and the new autofocus system. I love it but it does take awhile to get the hang of it. In mass takeoffs like this its 45 points come in handy. Geese on Downs Lake. This trumpeter decided to stop in for the weekend. There were a few […]

Fall in Lake Elmo

It has been a great fall in Lake Elmo. Unseasonably mild actually. It was in the 80s the first week of October. Things have settled in and are getting back to normal. I’ve been having fun, learning a new camera body, figuring out its quirks, features and the new bells and whistles. Here are a […]

Owlets fledge!

On May 15th the last of the owlets decided it was time to fly the coop. I first noted the Mama in the nest on April 9th. It is amazing how quickly they grew. Here are the last couple of shots as he hops on branches near the nest and finally takes off. Well step […]

Lake Elmo Owls

Ok, I’ll admit it, I am way behind. A month ago I posted the last update and showed our local owl family with the two fledglings. Here is an update. It has been a rainy spring. The last shot with the gaping craw was on 4/17. This is only two weeks later. They grow fast! […]

Great Horned Owls

About a month or two ago I started hearing a deep throated “hoot hoot” in the early morning hours. After a couple of days, there was an echo. I should have realized that this was the mating game. A couple of weeks ago Mama found an old squirrels nest and decided to make it home. […]