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Prague – Day 1

We arrived at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague at about 2:00PM yesterday. Uneventful flights all around (except don’t eat the breakfast sausage on the Delta flight – I thought I was Tom Hanks in Big with the caviar). Checked in at the Hotel, freshened up met up with Marty and Terri Wade at 5:00 for […]

February Escape (Part II)

This time we were able to venture off the property and do some touring. We took a day trip (8AM to 6PM) to Chichen Itza. This is the Temple of Kukulkan, usually called El Castillo. One used to be able to walk to the top but now it is closed. Perhaps a tourist had too […]

February Escape (Part I)

We were able to escape to Mexico recently. It was a awesome 11 days of doing very little. At least doing very little that required effort. We went back to our favorite spot El Dorado Casitas. Here are two views from our balcony. This one is looking down at the swim-up casitas and; this one […]

Giants Ridge (again!)

On the 26th of August our intrepid crew ventured yet again to Biwabik MN for a three day golf fest. This is our eighth or ninth trip to the Giants Ridge Golf course, home of The Legends and The Quarry. The Quarry is my favorite course in Minnesota. I have said it before and I’ll […]

Lake Vadnais Migrations

Tim and Midge gave me a new spot to canvas. Tim noticed a mass migration of While Pelicans and suggested that I check it out. While I didn’t have the best light, it was a great new find. 50+ Pelicans, more than a dozen Egrets, plenty of GBHs, Cormorants and Killdeer. Here are a few. […]

Giants Ridge

It was the ninth anniversary of our excursion to Giants Ridge in Biwabik MN. The first year it was only the Legend course – and we still had a blast. Since then (now 8 years ago) they have added the Quarry. In my opinion it is the most beautiful golf course in Minnesota. Over the […]

Sandia Tram

On our last evening, we ventured to the Sandia Tram, had a ride up, dinner and a the ride down. Here are a couple of shots from the top. It was a little hazy but not too bad. We are at about 10,000ft. The base was 80 degrees, the summit was 45. I don’t mind […]

Bosque del Apache – 2

Another Egret, this time eating. I am not sure what the critter is eating but my appetite is not stimulated. This is a Turkey Vulture. Speaking of lack of appetite, this guy isn’t helping. This is a Double-crested Cormorant. Quite interesting, but talk about a Stoic. He barely moved.

Bosque del Apache – 1

Well it certainly wasn’t prime time in the Bosque. I did not see any Sandhills, Swans, or the other typical migratory fowl. However I was expecting that. My day excursion to the Bosque (and the Roadway Inn…eww) was a convenient day trip. I also wanted to check it out prior to a prime time visit. […]

Madrid and Hwy 14

Our time in Santa Fe at an end, we decided to take Hwy. 14 (aka the Turquoise trail) to Albuquerque. Along the way we spotted a wanna be park. Lots of interesting statues and sculptures. In the end it was this gate that caught my attention. It was in the middle of nowhere (a bit […]