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Great Horned Owls

About a month or two ago I started hearing a deep throated “hoot hoot” in the early morning hours. After a couple of days, there was an echo. I should have realized that this was the mating game. A couple of weeks ago Mama found an old squirrels nest and decided to make it home. […]

Lake Elmo Hooded Mergansers

It warmed up this week, finally! The ice went out on a couple of nearby ponds and the migrators came out of the woodwork. These were among the first waterfowl I saw. These Hooded Mergansers were amazing to watch. They clung close together, spent most of their time diving and looking for food. It is […]

J.N. “Ding” Darling – finale

About halfway into the refuge, there was a crowd watching a crowd. There must have been a hundred White Pelicans. I have seen them in my neighborhood during their migration but only ten or twenty at a time. I have also never witnessed them feeding this way. Normally I see them dive bombing the fish […]

J.N. “Ding” Darling – part 2

After I moved on from the first pond (just after the entrance) where the Reddish Egrets were, I saw more variety. There was a lot of fishing. This GBH really put his whole body into it, lunging at the fish. This time he came up empty. Farther in to the refuge, I spotted White Ibis […]

J.N. “Ding” Darling

On my recent visit to Bonita Springs, after encouragement from photographers at the Venice Rookery, I took a trip to the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) on Sanibel Island. Since it is only an hour from Bonita Springs, I was able to go there Saturday AM. It was an unexpected bonus on my […]

2011 Venice Rookery Part III – Whistling Ducks, Tricolor, and Anhingas

The variety at the Rookery was down a lot this year. Some say it was a cold snap, others suggest it was the fact that they cut down the trees. In any case, other than the GBH (Great Blue Herons) and Egrets, there weren’t many others. The Anhingas were there like always. Age doesn’t seem […]

2011 Venice Rookery Part II – Great Blue Herons

I have been shooting the Great Blue here and in Minnesota for some time. We have about four that live on our lake. However, at home I’ve never spotted their nests, seen their young or noticed group behavior. They are all loners. All that is different at the Rookery (and I am sure lots of […]

2011 Venice Rookery Part I – Egrets

After a conference in Orlando this week, I decided to drop in on the Rookery in Venice FL again. It was great last year and my expectations were high. The day got off to a rough start. First, when I arrived at a little before 7:00 (pre-dawn), the park entrance was closed off by a […]

Back to Colvill Park

On February 4th, the Bald Eagle itch got to me. It was time to venture back to Colvill Park in Red Wing. I called Marty and the two of us ventured back on the 5th for an encore trip. It started slow with little activity. Lots of Eagles, but not much activity. The Mallards, as […]


I have been pursuing this guy for a couple of years now. Like many of his ilk, he doesn’t like company too much. He’s often on the suet feeders in the back yard but hard to catch. This morning I went outside to fill the feeders and I thought I heard hammering. I wondered who […]