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The Kimberley – Day 6 – Vansittart Bay & Jar Island

The next day we were in Vansittart Bay and visited Jar island where we saw ancient paintings of Wandjina Figures called Bradshaw art or locally called Gwion Gwion Art. Their origin and dating are still in question. They were painted by local indigenous tribes (aboriginal peoples) – many suspect their age to be about 15-20 […]


Maybe I should switch my allegiance to ‘Vettes. Sweet!

Cool Studebaker

But this was the coolest…not exactly OEM.

Old Studebakers

I did find a couple of other Studes…

1951 Stude

I went in search of a 1951 Studebaker Landcruiser. This was as close as I got, a ’51 Champion. Needs some TLC. The ’51 I had was jet black and 35,000 miles (28,000 driven by my great Aunt Kathryn to church and back).