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Le Torri

We are excited. We are going to Italy. It is our first two week vacation since I’ve been at VisionShare. We fly into Milan, meander our way down to San Quirico in Collina in Tuscany.This is a picture of the Villa that will be our home for about a week. We’re then planning on winding […]


What a fun time. I went down a couple of days before graduation to spend time with Kate. One of the objectives was to write the final chapter on the Saab story. We did that on Thursday and started a new book called Toyota Corolla. The car was a good deal, had a graduation discount […]

Pat and Dick turn 80!

This movie was created using the photo album we printed for Mom and Dad after celebrating both their 80th birthdays. Enjoy!


We took a road trip to Wabasha, MN on Saturday in search of Baldy. Paydirt. We saw about 50 during the day. Here are a few examples. This water is a little hard. Baldy is checking us out. Hmmm…I think I see lunch. Focus… Wheels down… Laking the long view.

El Dorado Maroma – Part 1 – The Birds

We had another great getaway last month to the Playa del Carmon area in Mexico. I have been so buried that I haven’t had a chance to post anything about the trip and have not finished processing the pictures. Here are a couple taken with a new camera lens. Lots of fun. Pelicans seem king […]

Panorama Part 2

I was really hoping for a shot with a fresh snowfall. This is a place filler which I may replace with what I am really hoping for. The list of requirements is growing; fresh snow (with the powdered sugar look on the trees), blue sky, and above zero temperature (for me!). We’ll see…

Attack of the Nutcrackers

Every year there are more! Be afraid, be very afraid. Run away!!!

Panorama of Downs Lake

This was fun. A nine image panorama. I wis I would have done it a couple of weeks earlier when the leaves were still on the trees. It is the start of a seasonal set of panoramas. Click on the image to see a larger view.


Maybe I should switch my allegiance to ‘Vettes. Sweet!

Cool Studebaker

But this was the coolest…not exactly OEM.