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Le Torri (part deux or should I say part due)

From the top of the mountain Unfortunately I did not take this picture. I say unfortunately because if I had, I’d be there. It won’t be long now. We leave September 2nd and we are psyched. Once we get an itinerary fixed, I’ll post it.


I’ve been working hard to capture a nice shots of these beautiful birds. Here are a few… This one was right down near our beach early one morning. They really spook easily when you walk up to to say hello. Even when you walk, really really, slowly. Venturing out in a canoe and drifting over […]

Digital Darkroom

I am having a lot of fun getting back into photography. My latest adventure is recreating my old wet darkroom experiences to digital. Here is an example using HDR (high dynamic range) processing.

Kate’s 21st Birthday

It is hard to believe but Kate is 21 later this month. We were so happy that she was able to join us in Lake Elmo for a couple of days this weekend. Kate is about to enter her senior year at Belmont University as a business major. She dropped in for a couple of […]

Uncle Abben

This post has been a long time coming. Last November, Mary and I were fortunate to be able to take a trip to Anaheim to visit my uncle, Abben Feikema. It was a great treat. He and I had stayed in touch on the phone and with frequent emails (normally inspirational ones from Abben). While […]

18th Anniversary

Last weekend, to celebrate our eighteenth anniversary we went to the Bayport Cookery. It was during their Morel Fest so we were in for a treat. A couple of sample images (not necessarily what we were served but a good indication): Yowsa…it was great. Here is what we were in store for: * ~ First […]